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Rock Retro Style with Our Curated Collection of Vintage Threads!

Welcome to Nick's Hand-Picked Threads!

Our mantra is simple: Embrace the confidence to rock your unique style.

At the core of our passion lies the perfect harmony between music and style. Our story begins in 2020 when Nick Sorel founded Nick's Hand-Picked Guitars, a local guitar shop with the aim of connecting the St. Louis, Missouri community with distinctive and vintage guitars. As time passed, NHP Guitars grew in collection size, heightened customer satisfaction, and overall brand recognition. Yet, delving solely into instruments was not enough to satisfy this brand's aspirations. Nick was driven to channel his expertise in sourcing and hunting down antique instruments into the pursuit of vintage and unique thrifted clothing that promotes both style and confidence.

With the desire to turn his vision into reality, Nick sought the help of his two family members, his sister Sarah, and his cousin Emma. Together, these two creative and fearless women enthusiastically embraced the challenge to lead the newest addition to Nick's Hand-Picked: NHP Threads!

Our collection reflects a celebration of individuality, thoughtfully curated with a diverse range of clothing pieces. From timeless vintage wear to one-of-a-kind thrifted gems, we encourage you to embrace your unique flair and embrace the confidence that comes with it.

Join us on our exciting journey through the world of thrifting by following our captivating YouTube Vlog, where we share our thrilling adventures, style inspirations, and the heart behind Nick's Hand-Picked Threads :)

Thank you for being a part of our journey, where music and fashion unite to celebrate your distinctive style!

Our Mission

to inspire and empower individuals to embrace the confidence in rocking their distinctive style through our carefully curated thrifted collection.

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