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Rock Retro Style with Our Curated Collection of Vintage Threads!

Meet the unstoppable Emma Rose - a true workhorse and a force to be reckoned with. As the oldest in her family and amongst her cousins, carving her own path and leading the way has always been her specialty.

By day, she's a certified esthetician for a high-end private salon and spa in St. Louis, but her true passion lies in her influencer persona.

Emma's style game is in a league of its own, effortlessly outplaying everyone in the room. She's a trendsetter, well-versed in streetwear and chic wear, but her real expertise lies in the art of slaying outfits!

Thrifting has always been close to her heart, and she's the reigning queen of "high-end" on a "low budget." With an eye for finding staple pieces that every closet needs, Emma is always on the lookout for new treasures. Beware when seeking her advice - she might have you on a road trip to Colorado in search of a fur coat before you finish saying "I wonder if." :)

Whether she's tending to her clients or building her own brand, Emma puts her heart and soul into everything she does, giving it her all and then some.